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Ewok MSK – Ironlak Studio

American artist Ewok (MSK, HM, Ironlak Family) creates a vibrant illustration at the Ironlak Studio in Brisbane, Australia. Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers were used to create all the outlines and finer details – with Sugar Artists’ Acrylic spray paint putting down the background fades and base layers through a series of hand cut paper stencils. An interesting insight into EWOK’s process in the studio and techniques he uses to create unique yet iterative works on paper.

WRM x Rime Graffiti Mural Video

Rime has over twenty-five years of experience in graffiti and is recognized as an esteemed artist with adventurous style. Influenced by cartoons and his outlandish life experiences he is an idiosyncratic storyteller, allowing improvisation to guide his brush and narratives. Through his application of bold colors and graphic line work, Rime’s multilayered compositions burst with a sense of frenetic energy that mimics the wildstyle work he’s created in the public for decades. Social relationships are the main source of inspiration for Rime’s work.

By combining an assortment of unique symbols, text and characters, he communicates erotic, dysfunctional and humorous stories taken from his everyday life. This autobiographical process allows Rime to emotionally invest in every piece, making the finished canvas true even if exaggerated.

Real Time Web Series: EP6 – Trav, MSK

The Real Time Web Series is a project that showcases past & present graffiti writers from around the world. The series presents writers real time working process from start to finish accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been sourced from an online audience.

More videos and pictures featuring Trav & MSK over here: Trav, MSK Crew

Ewok & MR Wany – Australia

Ewok and MR Wany left the cold of the northern hemisphere to visit the East Coast of Australia in the steaming Summer month of January earlier this year. The two got straight into the heavy-duty stuff – bouncing from wall to wall making jaws drop and eyeballs pop from the northside of Brisbane to 567 King in Newtown, Sydney. Peep cameos from other Ironlak Fam and friends in the mix.