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Don’t Panic – Newcastle

Memos, Mile, Porno, Dave, and Pkue keeping their calm and emptying some scraps in a cutty spot in Newcastle, NSW. It was a challenge to get everyone to the spot with enough daylight, but the planets aligned, and everyone was in town for long enough to make it happen. Quick bunsens and then straight to the pub…

Chinese Whispers

Last year we got over to China a couple of times for some factory visits and the ‘Meeting Of Styles’ event in Hunan Province. We have mad love for China; the people are as nice as they come, the food is dope and the landscapes can change from the urban concrete sprawl to subtropical jungles on just a short drive. Most of all, we love linking with the writers in China; Graffiti truly is a global visual language that knows no barriers – style can’t be lost in translation or misinterpreted.