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Sketchy Peeps 002 – Kurir

Second out in our new videos series called SKETCHY PEEPS is Kurir from Stockholm, Sweden representing PUBB Crew. Follow the process, get inspired and maybe also learn some tricks! If you are into sketching also make sure to check out the Stylefile Markers in our shop.

PARTNER: www.stylefilemarker.com
MUSIC: LL.Cool.Boleslavic

SKETCHY PEEPS is a series of graffiti videos from SPRAY DAILY™. As the name says it’s all about paper styles and sketching. Each episode features one writer, a bunch of markers and a sketchbook. Follow the process from an empty white paper to the finished sketch. Presented in 1.5 minute videos.

“Anywhere but here” Solo show by Kurir [PUBB] at HL Gallery, Stockholm

HL Gallery in Stockholm has an upcoming solo show by Kurir from Poor Ugly Bad Boys crew. Under the name Anywhere but here he will showcase a collection of works on paper.
Opening on Friday the 28th of August at 18.00- 21:00. 
The exhibition runs until 21st September 2015.

Products used in this video:
Molotow One4All Markers
Pilot V-Sign Pen 2 mm

Molotow & Friends – Kurir, PUBB

Swedish Graffiti Artist & Illustrator Kurir, PUBB Crew doing a Sketch Session with the Molotow One4all Markers.

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