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Where Is Art? (Freedom Tunnel, Chris Pape Documentary)

Chris Pape takes us on a stroll into the infamous Freedom Tunnel in New York. The documentary from 2013 illustrates a time long gone, while Pape walks along the tracks, sharing some background stories of his prime time. Rather recently Vice interviewed him about an upcoming book project called “The Freedom Tunnel”.

Graffiti Machine – Tribute to New York

While Urban-art enjoys a worldwide success, the idea is to focus on the tag, brutal, primitive, the most rejected and misunderstood discipline of graffiti. Practical of insiders, few know how to decode, to enjoy. DrColors presents “Graffiti Machine” for the first time in the exhibition “A Nous York” (Lille, October 2014 / January 2015). Created from recycled materials (wood, skateboard wheels, DIY meters), it reproduces a selection of famous New York tags such as False, Guns, Pear and Taki 183. An accumulation, until saturation. Pure Tag, without artifice. Signature. The essence of Graffiti. This artistic experience try to reproduce the mechanical movement, the repetition, the compulsive gesture of the tagger.

Photography – Jaime Sanchez, Part-1


My name is Jaime Sanchez  I’m a Mexican American photographer from Chicago IL. I been taking photos for 3 yrs, and filming for 6yrs now. I’ve been very blessed through what I do but like many I’ve been homeless and still homeless now, thankfully I’ve have people who have helped me, I continue  to do what I do because I love it I have a special bond that I’ve build’t with the artist’s. In which I love to capture there story and what the graffiti artist do or what they leave behind for others too see. To go out with the artist for a mission it has helped me understand the graffiti artist in all types of conditions, from warm weather in Texas. To the bay breeze in San Francisco and Oakland to the freezing temps in Chicago. I recently teamed up with Masssive Paint in Chicago also along side with working with artist Nyke (CMW), Xaust (CBS) (MFK) (CT), Debso (CBS) (CT) to film a documentary I’m directing on trains. And with Massive Paint as the sponsor for the project. I’ve also been doing promo videos for Massive Paint  to help promote the company and the team of artist which I’m a part of.
We recently went to Detroit to film for Massive Paint with Artist Debso, Xaust and guest artist from Detroit Sloe (WSG). Video will be put out this month and I’ll be flying out to Mexico to document the graffiti scene there as well getting prepared for two art shows in Chicago. And with Scruge Magazine from the bay area doing a story on me. So far this all is such a blessing, I don’t do this for fame or for money because I’m homeless but I do this because the words I get from people. Like even all the people from Sweden that tell me that I inspired them. For me that means so much because I would never think that some one from across the world would tell me that with out even knowing me. I will continue to take photos film with any artist that wants to work with me. And also hoping that i’ll leave a mark for future artist’s! Follow Jaime on Flickr, Youtube and Instagram.