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BOYS Crew And Friends Coloring Book

New coloring book for print made by the Swedish BOYS Crew. The coloring book features artist such as:
Laia, Too Fly NYC, Blöt, Moms, Fresh Yin, Exil, Lumes, Cape, Marie, Omeh, Dumpa din kille, Gerl, Konda, Riri, Bubz, Einna, Babe, Elis, Dune, Oseks, Böna, Yrke, Sky, Neka, Gäri, Krita, Slur, Seor, Rya, Nema and Jelly.

Download the coloring book here:
BOYS Crew And Friends Coloring Book

RELEASE – Restrained Magazine

Welcome to the release of Sweden’s (perhaps Europe’s) first graffiti magazine focusing on girls and non-binary graffiti writers.HL Gallery, S:t Eriksgatan 64, Stockholm, Sweden 18.00 – 20.00, Thursday August 31.

Check out some previews and get the magazine here:  www.spraydaily.com/shop