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Meet Ilk – Graffiti Artist of Paris

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Nor that of an artist and their threads. Step up the strictly all-black everything, black-metal listening, tatted and hooded Parisian graffiti legend Ilk, whose vivid works juxtaposes sharply against his exterior influences. In our exclusive film with Converse One Star, he teams up with fellow artists Keno and Horfee to demonstrate there’s more to everything than meets the eye.

Hello My Name Is: Ilk [PAL]


Name: Ilk
Crew: PAL
City/Country: Paris/France

When did you start writing: 1998
What’s graffiti for you: Friends and lifestyle
Influences: NYC 70’s graffiti and gore horror stuffs
Quantity vs quality: Both
What keeps you still writing: Friends
Future plans: Living in Iceland

Instagram: @ilkflottante
Website: www.ilkflottante.com