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Copenhagen tags and throw-up’s #1

Robt_Robert_ALTGR_Truck_Copenhagen Ease_Joke_Peach_Ismo_Close_Robert_ALTGR_POEIn Copenhagen the streets are filled with tags and throw-ups, especially the part called Nörrebro! That part is for sure one of our favorite parts in the city. Its still mostly untouched by the segregation and theres so much different people living in that part of the city. Theres always something going on in the street, like it should be in a great city like this!

Petro – Picture update

Petro PetroPetro has inspired me for many years! And fortunately i had the opportunity too meet him in the summer of 2012. When he was included in the group show Stendahl Syndrome that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. This show were including many great graffiti writers such as: Sabe, Egs, Nug, Reas & Kegr. For more pictures of Petro’s work visit his tumblr