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Rick Indeo – Photographer

Rick-IndeoFound this interview with photographer Rick Indeo over at Vice! Also check out his Tumblr

This photo series is basically a travelogue of international danger of vandalism. How did you get started on this?
The work basically started in India. Some people came through while I was living in Mumbai, and I documented them painting the metro systems in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Calcutta. The missions were pretty hectic. Obviously as three white kids, we stood out. People were just curious as shit there.
We would be planning to climb a light post to get over a wall, and a crowd would form around us. We would just stand there and wait for them to get bored and leave, but they wouldn’t. That was pretty frustrating.
Sometimes we would be scoping out a train yard and people from the area would try to pull the authority card on us, and tell us to leave… I’d have to make something up, like I was a National Geographic photographer and had permission from the governor of blah blah blah. Young people would know National Geographic and nod their heads and basically confirm my story. We would be left alone after that. In India, people are scared to fuck with a connected dude.
Anyway, once we were finally near the train yards, a lot of them had rifle towers and super crazy walls or fences. It was like breaking into a high security prison. They have a serious problem with terrorism in India, and no history of graffiti at all, so if we were spotted breaking into the yard we would most likely be shot.
It’s a crazy feeling knowing that a bullet could tear through your head at any moment, but that’s how the whole trip started. It was really fun, and I saw a story developing that I wanted to pursue.
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