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Hardcore On Tour Chapter 3


When you finish a trip there is always a sad feeling due to that the adventures has come to its end. The Hardcore On Tour is not an exception to this.
Utrech, Rotterdam, Brussels and Paris are the final destinations in this last episode, and probably the most thrilling of the three. It is the final days of this odyssey through Europe on their search of trains and metros. In the same sense of a good trip, the experiences you have left as memories serves as motivation to begin new adventures.

Select english or french subtitles in the lower right-(hand) corner of the player



The second episode of Hardcore On Tour is finally here. In the first episode we came along with Hinch and his friends on a trip through different cities in Europe to finally land in Hamburg where the climate started to get more and more grim. Now our main characters continues their journey towards the north:CopenhagenMalmö and Stockholm. Despite the terrible cold around them, which is one of the main handicaps for painting in these countries, these fearless writers manages to leave their traces on the nordic train models, leaving us with panels on the Stockholm metro as icing on the cake.