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Green Villain Demolition Exhibition

Here you can see parts of the Green Villain Demolition Exhibition, check it out!

The Burning of Kingston

Earlier this month, Mass Appeal teamed up with Red Bull to host The Burning of Kingston, a competition between some of graffiti’s most masterful when it comes to the “burner.” The competition’s participants included “Team Terrible” (Doc TC-5, T-Kid, Dero, and Dmote) and “the Spice Boys” (Ces, Bio, Doves, and Ribs). Despite the falling rain, the artists showed up to show and prove. Delivering an array of styles, letterforms, caricatures, and more, the artists truly made the first inaugural event a time to remember. Hit the video player up top to join Mass Appeal’s Sacha Jenkins for a little history lesson and to watch the battle unfold. Did “Team Terrible “come out on top or did “Spice Boys” come with the fuego?

The Burning of Kingston

The Burning of Kingston_Graffiti_Spraydaily_01

The Burning of Kingston hosted by the Trolley Museum and curated by Massappeal magazine took place this weekend . Despite the rain , T-Kid, CES, Doves, Ribs, Dero, Bio, Doc TC-5, Revolt, Dmote, Cope 2, and YES 2 competed against each other by getting up an authentic subway car. Henry Chalfant and Sacha Jenkins were also presenting and signing their new book untitled ‘ Training Days: The Subway Artists Then and Now’. Go check the original post at: whatyouwrite.com