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Podcast #020 – Cantwo (German Language)

Cantwo started graffiti in his home town of Budenheim (near Mainz) in 1983 and joined the then very small graffiti scene via the hip hop movement. Already in the eighties he was networked all over Germany, in Munich or Hamburg, but also in Dortmund or Heidelberg. After a short break in the late eighties and early nineties, Cantwo moved to Hamburg and made old contacts with Jase or Hesh. The rest – everything you know from him in the nineties – is history. Anyone who works with him and graffiti will know how active Cantwo was on many levels then and still is today.

Ilovegraffiti met Cantwo in Dortmund for podcast number 20 to talk a little about various topics that they currently find relevant. Starting with his activities on the social media channels, digital graffiti and nostalgia to the clear separation from graffiti on trains, especially in the nineties. A part of his life that, at least from this perspective, has never been a topic in public. We talked to Cantwo about it and a lot more, have fun listening and until the next podcast.

The Rise of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe (6/10) Wild Style Goes Europe | 1982 – 1983

“Wild Style!” spills over the Atlantic, puts Europe in bright hip-hop enthusiasm and infects the continent with the graffiti virus. In this episode, representatives of the English and German scene such as Can2, 3D and Pride talk about the unimaginable influence of the film, which started as an underground Klamotte and quickly became the mouthpiece for a new subculture. In ten episodes, the documentary series traces the rise of the graffiti movement: from New York in the 1970s to Amsterdam and Paris to Munich, from where the graffiti virus infected Europe from the 1980s onwards.

Ugangprosjektet 2015 by Selina Miles

Sofles, Felipe Pantone, TelmoMiel, Can2, Henrik a. Uldalen, Thp, VIMOALL + many more are making the city of Drammen in Norway full of colors during a couple of weeks late in August.

M.A.C. – Montana Artist Collective | San Francisco

M.A.C. – Montana Artist Collective. A group of international recognised writers and artist who are at the forefront of their game. Innovators and leaders in their feilds, making an impact worldwide on their peers as well as the “normal” world. Coming together to make extrodinary creative projects happen, the M.A.C enables these artist a platform to use as a firm base to develop and launch creative ideas and projects. The M.A.C. consists of Revok, Dmote, Reyes, Sever, Risk, Steel, Wane, Cantwo, Atom & Kent.

Blank Spot Project – Real streetart on canvas

The Blankspot Project is a charity street art campaign by Denkwerk Berlin and Montana under the patronage of AtomOne. This videos shows the making of the Blankspot in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Bremen in Germany with AtomOne, Can2 and Taps. You can acquire the artworks during the Blankspot vernissage. The event will take place on 10th of October 2013, starting at 06.30 p.m at denkwerk Berlin.