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Buny, KR2 X MTN Street Markers

Part two of the collaboration with Buny, KR2 comes as an innovative undertaking. While Buny does tags in different spaces, we are able to follow him around in a 360º video. It’s an experience similar to that of virtual reality which you can access from your smartphone while playing the video from Youtube in a horizontal position (note: on your computer you must use Google Chrome). By using the arrows located on the top left of the screen of the playback window, or simply by touching the screen, you can move around at your own leisure. English subtitles available.

Buny X MTN Street Markers

The MTN Street Markers and MTN Street Ink refills are essential tools for all writers who are passionate about the art of “writing” their name. That’s why we decided to put them to test in the hands of one of the kings in this domain: Buny from Madrid. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, you don’t live on this planet. His brief but intense discourse defines the most raw aspects of the purest graffiti.