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Kings Of Trains | 1971 – 1984 The Rise of Graffiti Writing (2) – From New York To Europe (1/6)

1971 to 1984 was the Golden Age of New York graffiti. Three NY writers, Blade, Lee and Seen are considered around the world as the Kings of Graffiti. Seen, aka Richard Mirando, holds a reputation as the Godfather of graffiti due to his significant role in the influential ‘Style Wars’ documentary.

New York Graffiti Experience ©1976 lawless productions

Awesome documentary showing New York graffiti in 1976, including a interview with Cliff 159 and showing footage from graffiti pioneers like Blade, Comet, Billy 167, Ale, Checker 170, Phase2, Snake 1 and El Marko 164

From Here To Canarsie, MOCAtv Ep. 15 – Featuring Blade, Maze & Henry Chalfant

watch Blade and Maze pull up to a wall in the 1980’s in Orchard Beach, The Bronx in Blade’s 1972 Thunderbird. This video includes old interviews and footage when Blade and Maze paint a wall. You can also listen to Henry Chalfant talk about Style Wars and graffiti in New York City.