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The Rise of Graffiti Writing – Dortmund, Berlin & Frankfurt (english subtitles)

Films like “Wild Style” by Charlie Ahearn (1982), “Style Wars” (1984) by Henry Chalfant or “Beat Street” (1984) by Harry Belafonte cause a breakdance wave in Germany and a short time later the general enthusiasm breaks down for graffiti. So also in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin. The sprayers of the first generation tell.

When films like WILD STYLE (1982) by Charlie Ahearn, STYLE WARS (1984) by Henry Chalfant or BEAT STREET (1984) by Harry Belafonte were shown in Germany, a break dance wave broke out and a short time later the first big graffiti wave broke out. So also in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin. For this episode, we met with first-generation sprays to learn how this wave continued into the late eighties and what influences played a big role in it. In Dortmund we met Marianne Brentzel, an author who published the first graffiti book in Germany in 1987 “Da Kukse Wa”. With pictures and texts from the Ruhr area in the early eighties.

M.A.C. Meeting – Wall production San Francisco 2014


The Montana Artist Collective made their yearly gathering in San Francisco to discuss projects for the rest of the year. After a day of meeting and brainstorming project ideas, the Collective hit the city to paint. Wane, Steel, Risk, Dmote, Atom, and Sever spent the following day painting a wall in San Francisco’s Mission District. A lot of fun and laughs were had. Keep an eye out for more actions made by the Montana Artist Collective in the near future. More photos at m-a-c.com

M.A.C. – Montana Artist Collective | San Francisco

M.A.C. – Montana Artist Collective. A group of international recognised writers and artist who are at the forefront of their game. Innovators and leaders in their feilds, making an impact worldwide on their peers as well as the “normal” world. Coming together to make extrodinary creative projects happen, the M.A.C enables these artist a platform to use as a firm base to develop and launch creative ideas and projects. The M.A.C. consists of Revok, Dmote, Reyes, Sever, Risk, Steel, Wane, Cantwo, Atom & Kent.

Blank Spot Project – Real streetart on canvas

The Blankspot Project is a charity street art campaign by Denkwerk Berlin and Montana under the patronage of AtomOne. This videos shows the making of the Blankspot in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Bremen in Germany with AtomOne, Can2 and Taps. You can acquire the artworks during the Blankspot vernissage. The event will take place on 10th of October 2013, starting at 06.30 p.m at denkwerk Berlin.