Where Is Art? (Freedom Tunnel, Chris Pape Documentary)

Chris Pape takes us on a stroll into the infamous Freedom Tunnel in New York. The documentary from 2013 illustrates a time long gone, while Pape walks along the tracks, sharing some background stories of his prime time. Rather recently Vice interviewed him about an upcoming book project called “The Freedom Tunnel”.

Dark Days by Marc Singer

The Freedom Tunnel in New York has emanated a strong fascination to society ever since. Numerous videos about the obscure location can be found online. Fuelled by Books such as “The Mole People” by Jennifer Toth (1993), media coverage has been steady throughout the years. One exceptional highlight dwelling on the man made cave is Marc Singer’s “Dark Days” (2000), which underlines intense footage with a soundtrack by DJ Shadow. Appealing to music enthusiasts, writers and urbexers alike, the film is an absolute must see. The embedded video shows the first 10 minutes of the gonzo documentary.