Just Do Hit: China-Trailer

Two men spend a month in China – a communist country, a land full of surprises and exotic things. The result you can see in this short preview. The full story from Sekond and Elny will be featured in the next 14th issue of CONCRETE magazine in December 2017. The video from that trip will be released altogether.
Captured cities: Beijing / Tianjin (First hit) / Shanghai / Suzhou (First hit) / Nanjing / Wuhan / Guangzhou

Tagging Germany With Love

For the past three decades, Irmela Mensah-Schramm has made it her mission to eradicate hate in the world. Armed with a spray can, a scraper and a bottle of nail polish remover, the 71-year-old activist takes to the streets of Berlin to remove and cover up Nazi imagery and racist graffiti. After visiting a concentration camp for the first time, Schramm was moved to do her part to build a better future. Today, she’s removed over 77,500 neo-Nazi stickers all over Germany, and she has no intentions of stopping. Wherever there is hate in the world, Schramm will be there, can in hand.