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The Rise of Graffiti Writing – Stockholm

As in other European countries, New York-influenced graffiti writing started all over Scandinavia with the television broadcast of the film “Style Wars” (1984) by Henry Chalfant. Hundreds of kids from Stockholm and all of Sweden are enthusiastic about the new movement and are beginning to beautify the street walls. Two of them are Ziggy and Disey, which made Stockholm one of the most active graffiti cities.

The Rise of Graffiti Writing – Dortmund, Berlin & Frankfurt

Films like “Wild Style” by Charlie Ahearn (1982), “Style Wars” (1984) by Henry Chalfant or “Beat Street” (1984) by Harry Belafonte cause a breakdance wave in Germany and a short time later the general enthusiasm breaks down for graffiti. So also in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin. The sprayers of the first generation tell.

When films like WILD STYLE (1982) by Charlie Ahearn, STYLE WARS (1984) by Henry Chalfant or BEAT STREET (1984) by Harry Belafonte were shown in Germany, a break dance wave broke out and a short time later the first big graffiti wave broke out. So also in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin. For this episode, we met with first-generation sprays to learn how this wave continued into the late eighties and what influences played a big role in it. In Dortmund we met Marianne Brentzel, an author who published the first graffiti book in Germany in 1987 “Da Kukse Wa”. With pictures and texts from the Ruhr area in the early eighties.

Getting Up | A 90s graffiti story from Milano to Barcelona

The Nike Air Max ’90 has an exciting and dense history, which has crossed styles and trends in recent years. From the link with the city to different street cultures.

To narrate these different souls of the brand and its connection with the ‘90s street art movement, Studio and Loft Films created an editorial content, a Premium Documentary between Milan and Barcelona about two famous graffiti crews: Luca Barcellona and Maria Musa71 Cano.

Montana Cans visits Sobekcis – Belgrade 2019

Where there is destruction, there is more often than not creation. The Serbian capital of Belgrade is proof of this as abandoned buildings are towered over by freshly built concrete pillars bearing the weight of multi-laned overhead roads. The twin brothers and world-renowned artists Sobekcis are a product of this environment and on a recent visit to their home town Belgrade, we had the privilege to have an intimate insight into their gritty world. See it here in a film by Max Carlo Kohal.