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Sofles – Compendium

In the year 2000, a young Sofles started painting graffiti in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Through putting in hours upon hours of work, on walls, trains, and his blackbook inside the garige (garage), he quickly rose to global prominence as a graffiti writer, illustrator, and muralist. Being versatile in his style and approach, and one of the fastest painters I’ve ever seen, has helped with producing a huge volume of work.

FLUX System Sketch Pad Paris Metro

More previews and other systems like Stockholm and Copenhagen over here 👉

Paint the iconic MP73 Paris metro without risking to get into trouble! Train sketch pads it’s not a new idea but most other pads on the market is too small to make a detailed piece. These System Pads from FLUX is huge, measuring no less then 59,4 x 18 cm (approx. 23,4 x 7 in) and and includes 40 sheets of white bleed proof 170 gsm coated paper perfect for pencils, acrylic markers or alcohol-based twin tip markers. The papers are glued at the top and can easily be detached. The large format also makes it perfect for framing and hanging on the wall.


In our first episode of our video series called BLACK LINES we feature graffiti writer Dyscoe. Follow the process, get inspired and maybe also learn some tricks!

MUSIC BY: Ivariuz

BLACK LINES Even the most abstract drawings and sketches uses the line as foundation. And when it comes to graffiti outlines is what really shows the shapes and edges of the letters. In our BLACK LINES video series we limit the artists to just use black fine liner pens and markers on white paper. Black and white drawings can be even more challenging when you can’t hide behind colours.