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RELEASE: May 24 – 3 LETTERS a 160 pages book about EGS

We are proud to announce the release of 3 LETTERS, a 160 pages book about the Finnish graffiti artist EGS. Official release May 24 at Make Your Mark gallery, Helsinki. The book will be available online the same date and we will have a second release and art show in Stockholm May 30 at Ljunggren Bar.

For the last 25 years he has been writing his 3 letters on walls and trains all over the world. With a passion for traveling EGS has spread his name in over 40 countries the last decades and that also made him the most internationally recognised Finnish graffiti artist. Starting his graffiti career in Helsinki during the late 1980s he was a part of the first Finnish graffiti wave. Always looking for new places to explore EGS is still traveling to explore the world and leave his mark in new places. During the last years you also have been able to see his works in museums and galleries around the world.

The book 3 LETTERS is a documentation of works by Finnish graffiti artist EGS from 1993-2014 and contains pieces on walls, trains combined with sketches and his unique styled ink drawings. The book is available exclusively through and his agent Make Your Mark gallery in Helsinki. Foreword by Paavo Arhinmäki, The Minister of Culture and Sport, Finland 2011-2014. Printed in a first edition of 450 copies.

A limited edition of three books, signed and numbered by the artist will also be available. The limited edition features a silver cover, original artworks inside and comes in a hand made box.

Documentary about train surfing in South Africa

Staff riding, the local slang for train surfing, is a widespread phenomenon in SA. Katlehong is one of the largest townships in South Africa and has played a key role in the history of the struggle against apartheid. The population is almost entirely made up of blacks, but strongly multiethnic: all the eleven South Africa’s official languages are spoken in the township.

The almost total majority of surfers are kids under 25. Amputations and death are really common. The Prasa Metrorail, the SA train company, is one of the foundations of their society.This connection between train and citizens remained very strong over time. The spectacular and risky act of train surfing becomes the framework to tell the Katlehong’s young people social fabric.This place has been the epicenter of the anti-apartheid’s guerrillas, and on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the facts that we all know , the situation of segregation has remained more or less unchanged in daily life.
In a context where violence , rampant poverty , abuse of alchool/drugs and infant birth/AIDS are the masters , the train surfing is configured as the search for a social redemption that will never come for the characters of this story .
Staff Riding is part of a long-term project about the township lifestyle 20 years later the struggle against apartheid.

Share The Word – ep.2 Nairobi

Share the Word is a worldwide art project mixing graffiti, photography and film, and using art to create bridges between cultures. Led by photographer Spag and graffiti artist Seb Toussaint, set in different slums and low income neighbourhoods around the world. The second episode takes place in Nairobi, Kenya.

This video was shot in Mukuru Slum, a neighbourhood of Nairobi, in Kenya. In a little more than 3 weeks, 15 murals were painted with words chosen by the inhabitants. All the murals were painted in freestyle.

Photography – Jaime Sanchez, Part-2

Jaime-Sanchez_Photography_SprayDaily_02 Jaime-Sanchez_Photography_SprayDaily_XAUST (CBSCREW, MFK, CT)_02My name is Jaime Sanchez  I’m a Mexican American photographer from Chicago IL. I been taking photos for 3 yrs, and filming for 6yrs now. I’ve been very blessed through what I do but like many I’ve been homeless and still homeless now, thankfully I’ve have people who have helped me, I continue  to do what I do because I love it I have a special bond that I’ve build’t with the artist’s. In which I love to capture there story and what the graffiti artist do or what they leave behind for others too see. To go out with the artist for a mission it has helped me understand the graffiti artist in all types of conditions, from warm weather in Texas. To the bay breeze in San Francisco and Oakland to the freezing temps in Chicago. I recently teamed up with Masssive Paint in Chicago also along side with working with artist Nyke (CMW), Xaust (CBS) (MFK) (CT), Debso (CBS) (CT) to film a documentary I’m directing on trains. And with Massive Paint as the sponsor for the project. I’ve also been doing promo videos for Massive Paint  to help promote the company and the team of artist which I’m a part of. We recently went to Detroit to film for Massive Paint with Artist Debso, Xaust and guest artist from Detroit Sloe (WSG). Video will be put out this month and I’ll be flying out to Mexico to document the graffiti scene there as well getting prepared for two art shows in Chicago. And with Scruge Magazine from the bay area doing a story on me. So far this all is such a blessing, I don’t do this for fame or for money because I’m homeless but I do this because the words I get from people. Like even all the people from Sweden that tell me that I inspired them. For me that means so much because I would never think that some one from across the world would tell me that with out even knowing me. I will continue to take photos film with any artist that wants to work with me. And also hoping that i’ll leave a mark for future artist’s!
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