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Seen in Hong Kong: Interview with the godfather of graffiti

seeninterviewIn the middle of this month, SEEN came to Hong Kong for the opening of his “Post No Bills” exhibition at Opera Gallery Hong Kong from September 17 to October 15, showcasing the latest series of Superheros he painted. Jin Wong  got to sit down and talk to SEEN for what he has been through in his graffiti career as well as the current exhibition in Hong Kong. While he believes the real graffiti works are on the streets, he likes to explore something new outside the world of graffiti. Read the full interview at

Three – Ruttkowski;68 and Art Is Just a Four Letter Word


Ruttkowski;68 and Art Is Just a Four Letter Word opened a group show “Three” in Cologne, Germany, at DQE in Heliosstr. The idea of the show is to show the diversities and similarities between three artists from different geographic backgrounds, with three signature styles, united by a common environment – graffiti. Watch the whole post over at

Barry Mcgee and Margaret Kilgallen – 3x video Interviews

Check thees three video interviews with Barry Mcgee and late Margaret Kilgallen. We especially like the scenes when there out tagging the freights in the daytime! here you also have an earlier post about Twist (Barry Mcgee)