Awesome documentary showing New York graffiti in 1976, including a interview with Cliff 159 and showing footage from graffiti pioneers like Blade, Comet, Billy 167, Ale, Checker 170, Phase2, Snake 1 and El Marko 164


Wek getting up in St. Petersburg, Russia!


TagsAndThrows got the chance to follow legendary Swedish graffiti bomber Ligisd out on the streets of Oslo, as he’s getting his name up. A unique view into the heart of graffiti – tags and throw-ups. This time around backed up by fellow FY Crew member Xeno. Filmed during one night.


We are always happy when people send us postcards from their travels. This time we got a short video from the portuguese writer Caver’s adventures in Bangkok, Thailand 2017.


Skeo BP X Graffiti Vice

Short but fresh video showing graffiti writer Skeo walk a round in Paris putting up throw-ups and tags in daylight!

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