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OUT NOW! Incognito Magazine #21

Finally the 21th issue of Incognito Magazine is out, check out the video and get the magazine over here: 

Back with yet another bag filled with eye candy! This time with an extended edition of 16 extra pages to make room for all the great flicks we have received.
Else than extra sized categories of bombing, walls and trains from all over the globe we go travelling all across Europe to give you some great unreleased stuff from EaserSpair, Screw, Spacer and Odio.


In this episode of MONOCHROME we feature graffiti writer Mer, check it out!

FILMED & EDITED BY: Blackn’blondie
MUSIC: Pistol Pete
SPONSOR: Montana Cans

MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode.

In memory of SKEW @Whatyouwrite

As you may have heard our dearest friend Frederic ” freddy mack” aka “whatyouwrite” was dramatically taken away after a terrible battle against cancer.
Out of reticence and because he has always wanted to be remembered as the merry happy crazy rascal and mate to all of us, he kept his last fight as silent and discreet as possible.


Freddy left a forever imprinted mark on urban cultures, especially on G-raffiti / writing in which his dedication was complete, total, unique, like no other. “Whatyouwrite” blog was the concrete visible proof of his infinite love of this G-raffiti art form and a true demonstration of his desire to share that love.

Today, we can give him back a little of it as it should not vanish, and remain forever. So let’s show OUR love and gratitude to the young brother by making a donation, for it will surely relieve his mother expenses inherent to such a tragedy.
Whatever the amount of our involvement, its value will never ever replace nor make up for the feelings and love we have for our friend, and for the mother who lost her son. This contribution will show and prove our friendship, gratitude and gratefulness as it should.