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Fast Drips – All Eyes On: Bqem

Nicely edited, the new clip by Fast Drips shows 13 minutes of international trainwriting. Next to several metro systems like in Berlin, Paris and Newcastle, also S-trains and commuters from Germany, Denmark, France and Ireland are featured. Relaxed soundtrack paired with some proper painting. Two panels on the same train in traffic? Kudos.


Promising trailer for the upcoming Istanboys video. As the name already suggests, primarily steel from Istanbul is featured. The metropolis that unites Europe and Asia has lots of lush models to offer. The days of Haydarparşa may be over, yet the city offers various subway lines and the beautiful Marmaray. İşte başlıyoruz!

Blaues Licht

Contextualizing this movie does not seem too easy – there is a thin line between providing information and spoilering. A full length feature film that plays with Graffiti stereotypes, urban interventions and metafiction. Expect to behold break and enter, while simultaneously breaking the fourth wall. German language, but with english subtitles. Must see!

Just do hit: from Izmir to Bursa

Finally, another atmospheric clip by Just do hit! After trips to Ukraine, Israel, China and Georgia, Turkey is visited this time. All previous videos are worth watching, too – as they pair unusual systems with nice electronic music. Considering the global pandemic, we recommend re-watching the China episode, which, by the way, features crazy footage from the cityscape of Wuhan.