PHOTOGRAPHY by Spray Daily

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PHOTOGRAPHY by Spray Daily

Knowing that your painting could be removed in just a couple of hours made photography and documentation an important part of the graffiti culture. Writers have since the beginning collected photos of their work in black books and today lots of writers also have their own online feeds on sites like Instagram and Facebook. Besides that there is a growing community with photographers that are more focused on catching the actual moment instead of the final result. With pioneers like Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant it grew into a genre of its own. In this first zine by Spray Daily we met five different photographers who won’t hesitate to break the law to get the perfect shot!

Alex Fakso (Italy)
Nic Gossage (Australia)
Leo Rivinoja (Sweden)
ShootYourStyle (Russia)
Nils Müller (Germany)


  • 1 Fanzine, 28 pages A5
  • 5 Postcards in A6-format
  • Free stickers

Price: 10 Euro
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