Whats up? Bates AIO COD

He has been writing since the early 80´s and belongs to the 2nd generation of writers from Copenhagen, Denmark. We hooked up with Bates AIO COD to ask him about style, motivation and the future for graffiti in the gallery world.
You have been writing since the early 80´s, did you ever use any other names then Bates? I had a few names before Bates! Shaky, Whyz, Simz and Sal 42, over the years I´ve been writing:
Dutch, Melt, Yet, Izme, Wazp and many more, but every time i paint with the name Bates, it just
FEELS right! I did my first Bates piece in 1986 and since then I´ve been stucked to that name.
How did you get interested in graffiti and what made you start writing?
My eyes catched the background on those bravo posters for electric boogie moves, starting to get curious about those flashy colors. Then I saw a news clip on TV where someone broke down the elements of hip hop, that got me started and I left the dancing behind…
What do you consider to be the most important ingredients to have a good style?
Style always win over technique, so style is the number one thing! Good styles means letters that moves, bend and dance. If you can recognize someones work just by its outlines, flare, bits or over all style. good example of style is Dondi.
During the last years we have seen your name popping up in galleries around the world. What´s your opinion about graffiti in the white box?
Great, why not… we are the next generation of artists moving into the art world, and one thing doesn’t leave out the other one! I needed to swift gear, it felt like i was running into circles, doing the same things i did 10-15-20 years ago, so i wanted to challenge myself… Do you still think painting illegal is an important part of the graffiti culture? Sure, most of us start out that way….
What keeps you still writing? Wanting to get better, and the love of being creative best feeling in the world, all that stuff you have inside,needs to get out!

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