VINO TSK Gran Reserva vol.2

“The average length of a top sportsman/woman is usually between 10 and 15 years. It has been 30 years now since Vino started into the graffiti activity. So, this should be reason enough to make the decision of putting together a compilation of experiences gathered throughout the years. However, it may not be the only reason to do so.

We are processing a constant consumption of information at such a speed and with such an impulsiveness, like we have never experienced before. But just as in Plato’s “Myth of the Cave”, it is nothing more than a dramatised representation of reality. A reality, which often, is very far from the virtual representation created by social media.

What better way to pay tribute to the tangible world, than to bring out a book? A publication that compiles a reality made of emotions, adventures, misfortunes and, above everything else, people. The same individuals who write the story and have shaped the personality of, in this case, one of the most important characters of modern-day graffiti.

VINO TSK VOL.2 narrates the evolution of this graffiti writer, through a collection of short stories and photographs. Beginning in 2021 and going back to 2009, this work is a vertiginous countdown that will allow us to advance and get to know about the artist’s origins, and his motivation. Not only the driving force that launched his adventure in 1991, but also his motivation for keeping the flame alive and wanting to continue in the game for many more years. An unusual retrospective in which the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning.

This piece of work will allow us to understand from a new perspective, not only the story of this character, his unexpected events, his anecdotes, and creations, but it will also help us to have a better grasp of the graffiti movement of the past three decades and its true meaning.”