Travel Report – Chile, Valparaiso


Valparaiso is Chile’s most important harbor, a colonial town built entirely on hills on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It’s also one of the most bombed cities I’ve ever visited! The thing that impacted me most was that wherever I looked, I saw graff. I found tags and throws by writers from all over the world, it seems that everyone gets up in Valparaiso. By the harbor, the walls are so bombed I got dizzy trying to decipher all the tags, so obviously I fucking loved it! But where you really want to go is up on the hills, take the elevators up for just 100 pesos, like 15 cents of a US dollar. Walk everywhere, there’s no other way of getting around if you don’t have a car, and look from the borders of the hills towards the other hills, you’ll see graff and street art everywhere! There’re loads of cheap hostels to stay at and food is cheap so go and bomb, stay a while and enjoy the friendly chilean culture!

Steph is a traveling photographer that’s documenting the worlds largest art collection, one street at the time.
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