Travel Report – Argentina, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires_Travel-repport_Graffiti_Spradaily_allyouseeiscrimeinthecity_01

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and it really feels like a capital, it’s a cosmopolite city full of life. You’ll find everything you need, and more! One minute you’ll think you’re in Paris at a charming café and the next you’re at the hottest nightclub in Barcelona! Buenos Aires was populated by immigrants mostly from Spain, Italy and other european countries centuries ago which makes for a city full of contrast and a very european vibe, both in architecture and food culture. Buenos Aires is big, and some barrios (neighborhoods) aren’t very safe but don’t worry, there’s enough walls to go around in San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo, Chacarita and Vila Crespo! Barrio Palermo, Chacarita and Vila Crespo are great for a walk along the train tracks, you’ll find loads of graff, but also many empty walls for you to bomb!

Steph is a traveling photographer that’s documenting the worlds largest art collection, one street at the time. Check out for online travel guides and great photos! Follow her on Instagram for daily updates from her trips!

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