Trailer – Rise Of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe – Season 03

In the third season of our documentary series RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE we will focus on the early European graffiti movement in Dortmund, Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

In 6 new episodes graffiti artists, graffiti art historians and documentarists like AMOK, SHARK, ADRIAN NABI, JACOB KIMVALL, JONONE, MASON, BOMBER, ATOM, ZIGGY, DISEY, KAOS, PUPPET, SKUME, INKA, LEVEL, BISAZ, BAS2, WESP, DARCO, SKKI, JAYONE, ASH, MODE2 or CANTWO are featured to tell us a bit more about the very early years of the European Graffiti Movement, Stylewriting and many more! The new season airs December, 23rd, 2019

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