Territorial Pissings – San Francisco Graffiti 2004

This is a snapshot of graffiti in San Francisco in 2004, as well the city and its people. It is by no means comprehensive, but I think it does a good job at capturing what it felt like to be in the city at that time.

Some of the people running in this video: 131, Agez, Alert, Apex, Atari, Avena, Aviso, Benet, Bless, Bonzai, Buket, Buter, Cast, Ceak, Chan, Chearso, Chek, Clu, Dang, Dancehall, Dare, Daver, Dayser, Debt, Destn, Diet, Eighty63, Erupto327, Esion, Fierce, Golph, Gory, Gusto, Harsh, Heafer, Hem, Imitation Crab Meat, Iron, Japan, Jeloe, Kerbs, Keno, Kode, Kurve, Kzam, Les Crabs, Lifter, Meek, Moz, Mona, Okae, Orfn, Penis, Phine, Planttrees, Post, Quartz, Qwef, Razo, Reaf, Rize, Roots, Runer, Sapien, Satan, Sever, Sibl, Skew, Smoke, Spesh, Stake, Stear, Sushi, Tofu, Twick, Vic20 and a bunch more I can’t read…

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