TAR – The Lost Tapes (London street culture)

London is amongst the World’s most active cities, this is clearly evident and reflected within its street culture. The city’s underground art scene is bristling with energy and constantly in flux, consequently, TAR brings the various aspects of said culture under one umbrella and in doing so the brand shines a light a wide range of street sports like graffiti and skateboarding as well as activities like raving, trapping and freestyling.

The feature-length film, TAR – The Lost Tapes, submerges the viewer within the unique playground that exists only in London’s underbelly.

The film boasts an almost entirely unreleased and exclusive soundtrack featuring the likes of Suspect, Jesse James Solomon, Sam Wise, Baytrilla, Benton, Saber Watts, Drae da Ski Mask, Shimz 343, Dirty Dike and many more.

Skaters such as Josh Mayson, Nial Gilroy, Alim, Nelly, Atlantic Johnson, Slims and Sully feature along with many others.

The film also showcases a diverse range of graffiti writers, including Zomby, Met, Yale, Who, Bluds, Peas, Venom, Jobs, Relay, Pref, 2Rise, Auto, Trap House, Tizer, etc.

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