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30 minutes of actions in the Praha train systems, check it out!



The third issue of our video-zine BLURRED FACES. Subways and trains from Stockholm, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Brussels, Nuremberg & Paris together with VIM, MOA, TCS and many more.

The face is crucial for human identity. We use our face to express our feelings, communicate and identify each other. The first impression of a person we meet is often based of their looks. By blurring a persons face he/she will be unreachable and non-identifiable. Focus will move from the person to his or hers actions. BLURRED FACES is a video-zine by SPRAY DAILY™ featuring anonymous faceless artists writing their pseudonyms on trains and subways around the world.



SHOP NEWS – Guide 01


New fanzine showing trash graffiti bombing in Prague between the years 2014-2015. The photos were selected by writers Zkap (GR) and Duffy (FC) and it presents a subjective taste of bombing in Prague at this time.

Check out more previews and get the fanzine here: 

Inside the zine you meet pieces from old school writers who still try to push their personal style as well as young progressively oriented vandals. In general this zine reflects a wave of so called “trash” graffiti which appeared in Prague few years ago.

Track sides, streets, abandoned areas, canal system, silvers, tags, color pieces and city atmosphere by crews GR, FC, RNR, TCS, SPY, LOST, RAW, LES and others.


Writer Stories presents »UN_TITLED« — with footage from Frankfurt, Hannover, Stuttgart and Vienna.


12 minutes of bombing in Praha, Czech Republic by the TCS Crew!

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