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RVCA Puerto Rico | Style Discipline

The event ‘Style Discipline’ is an international graffiti festival that takes place on the island of Puerto Rico. The three-day jam was originally founded to memorialize the lives of two of recently-deceased Puerto Rican graffiti writers, Pun18 and Scan. RVCA ANP artists Dmote and Ewok add their touch to the streets and walls of the island’s biggest cities.

The Rise of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe (1/10)

Bronx, 1973: Here’s a new subculture that was soon to spread like wildfire across New York:
graffiti. In the first episode we meet the TATS CRU and Writer of the first hour like Lee and Futura2000 and Skeme. The three pioneers talk about the beginnings of style writing and the influence of the film “Wild Style!” on her artistic work. In ten episodes, the documentary series traces the rise of the graffiti movement: from New York in the 1970s to Amsterdam and Paris to Munich, where the graffiti virus infected Europe from the 1980s onwards.

Meet the makers – TATS Crew

The Bronx-based graffiti group TATS Crew has been using New York City as a canvas since the 1980s. Nicer, one of the founding members, will be on the Eval panel Thursday night to weigh in on the week’s best ideas. So we caught up with all the TATS Crew guys to find out how these inventive makers went from illegally tagging subway cars to founding a graffiti company with big-name clients.

Mins, MOAS – Three Aces


I really love this photo, and it was my first color whole car. We where two different crews at this time, so it could not be a MOAS piece at this time… But when we finished it we where all really happy with the result… This photo is so great, I love graffiti. Later it stood in the buff, and at that time you never saw any wholecars like that. This was back in 1991 and made by the four original MOA crew members, FuskMinsFireGame… together whit Fak crew Che,Tem


This is a ‘Mins’ piece I never will forget, it was a hot summer in Klampenborg,,, I really wanted to hit this shitty train because they cleaned it so many times that it almost became white after all the chemicals they used to buff it with.  I’m lucky I’m not a stupid buffer… When we came to the yard around 11:00 I saw this white buffed train and I said, hey, I wanna do that one, but the other guys didn’t understand what I was talking about. To them a train was a train, but I really needed to do that specific wagon, and I did it. If you look closer at the photo you can really see how many times they cleaned that car… Its not that often I do my own name, since my crew is the shit.  It doesn’t matter to me who does the sketch and who did this and that, I don’t care as long as its made by the crew. We always did it like that, and we love our crew style… It is familia to us… But that day I needed to do one of my own…
Mins talking about his favorite photos and the stories behind it. Found over at MTN-World