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Sketchy Peeps 012 – Kear

In our twelfth episode of our video series called SKETCHY PEEPS we feature graffiti writer Kear. Follow the process, get inspired and maybe also learn some tricks! If you are into sketching also make sure to check out the Stylefile Markers in our shop.

PARTNER: www.stylefilemarker.com

SKETCHY PEEPS is a series of graffiti videos from SPRAY DAILY™. As the name says it’s all about paper styles and sketching. Each episode features one writer, a bunch of markers and a sketchbook. Follow the process from an empty white paper to the finished sketch. Presented in 1.5 minute videos.


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Hello My Name Is: Kear [STK]


Name: Kear
Crew: STK
City/Country: Stockholm/Sweden

When did you start writing: Somewhere around 2004
What’s graffiti for you: A lot of things i guess, but most importantly it is a way out for creativity.
Influences: I get influences from a wide range of things, for example movies, comics, old school graffiti, earth & space.
Quantity vs quality: A combination would be the ultimate, but personally I go for quality first.
What keeps you still writing: The sake of fun of it and the neverending strive to improve.
Future plans: Regarding graffiti? To develop my style. Try to travel/paint as much as I can.

Instagram: instagram.com/kearstk
Tumblr: stk-crew.tumblr.com


Time Well Spent – North American Graffiti Zine

1_Flyer_Artwork_Time-Well-Spent 2_NT_Truck_Time-Well-Spent5_Zexor_Telco_Time-Well-Spent 4_Crown_Truck_Time-Well-Spent 3_Asert_Fence_Time-Well-Spent

Don’t miss the release of the Time Well Spent fanzine now on Thursday 17th (7-11 PM) in the Anything store on 103 Allen ST in NYC. It’s a compilation of East Coast/ Mid West travels with up and coming graffiti writers.