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Battles and competition is a natural part of the graffiti game. In the FRIENDLY BATTLE video series we decided to feature two graffiti artist in each episode. We call it a battle but it’s often more of a collaboration. The invited artists paints a large wall together and try to make as good pieces as possible. You will be the judge, but don’t take it to seriously it’s just for fun! In this episode of Friendly Battle we feature graffiti writers Socool and Vitroe.

PARTNER: www.loopcolors.com
MUSIC BY: @dawsonbeats
FILMED & EDITED BY: @syrupfilmz


In this episode of MONOCHROME we feature Italian graffiti writer Socool420 from TUFF & PRNA Crews.

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MUSIC: Pistol Pete https://soundcloud.com/pistoleriksson
SPONSOR: http://www.montana-cans.com
FILMED BY: Ghost Grammer

MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Spraydaily.com. Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode.

Socool X MTN 2G Colors

Does SoCool ring a bell? Surely it does, as it’s one of the names that’s ringing bells on the Italian scene lately. Apparently, the writer has got fairly comfortable with using the the 500ml format cans that MTN Colors 2G has to offer. There’s more paint than in the standard 400ml size, and although it’s designed for optimum performance over metallic colors, it works really well on colors as well. See for yourself int this video he sent us.