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The Rise of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe (8/10) Crime Time Kings | 1985 – 1987

A happening that graffiti disciples say: That was a fat thing. Mode2, Shoe and Bando, founders of the first European graffiti crew Crime Time Kings, meet in Amsterdam to paint a wall together. Over 30 years after the first pictures, they set the Style-Latte 2017 again quite high. We accompany them sketching in the studio and follow them to the revival wall.

In ten episodes, the documentary series traces the rise of the graffiti movement: from New York in the 1970s to Amsterdam and Paris to Munich, from where the graffiti virus infected Europe from the 1980s onwards. Episode 8 beams us into the here and now: The writers of the legendary CTK Crew Mode2, Shoe and Bando meet for a revival wall.

Graffiti video: Ulovlig Kunst (Denmark 1987)

Ulovlig Kunst (Illegal Art) is a 24 minutes documentary about the early days of graffiti in Copenhagen. The film was made back in 1987 and features names like:  Kin, Bomb, Rezq, Toys crew, Soe, Shoe, Joker, Sketzh Cosmic crew, Karen Thisted, Secher, Mode2, Jap, Dst, Bates, Reace Juice, Decoy, Jest, Joy, Metal, Egon Weidekamp. The documentary is in danish language and unfortunately without subtitles.