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The Deepest Depths of the Burrow

Nychos is an illustrator, Urban Art- and Graffiti artist who became known with his street concept RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT (REM) 10 years ago. The icon of the movement is a white rabbit, which has been breeding since then and has been popping up in the streets all over the globe for the past decade. This is exactly what Nychos thrives for – he travels the world to spread his art and his REM concept. Within the last two years Nychos was accompanied by filmmaker Christian Fischer who recorded these journeys to create a full lenght movie. ”The Deepest Depths Of The Burrow” is a documentary about art, lifestyle and subculture. The movie captures the experiences of Nychos and other members of RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT within the last several years. Exceeding the Austrian scene, they flew from Berlin to San Francisco to Copenhagen to Hawaii and many more places to visit artists who all provide a unique view into their (street) culture – They lead Nychos through the streets of their home cities and show them the deepest depths of their burrows. ”Travel to paint, paint to travel” is the motto,which runs like a golden thread throughout the entire movie. Words, which catch the spirit of RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT. ”The Deepest Depths Of The Burrow” shows images which highlight the contrasts between Urban Art and Graffiti from various angles and captures the mutual passion for Urban Art in an unique way. FEATURED ARTISTS: BUFF MONSTER I BUSHWICK COLLECTIVE I CONE THE WEIRD I CURTIS I DRASTROCK – LORDS CREW I DXTR THE WEIRD I JASPER WONG – POWWOW I JESSE CORY I LAMOUR SUPREME I LOOK THE WEIRD I NYCHOS I THE YOK I TRISTAN EATON I VIDAM THE WEIRD Featuring: 123 KLAN I ANGRY ROBOTS I BASK I BONES I DABS AND MYLA I FRAU ISA I GALO I HRVB I INSA I JEFF SOTO I JERSEY JOE I KID CRAP I LONDON POLICE I LOWBROS I MADSTEEZ I MAXXER I MEGGS I REKA I RON ENGLISH I ROOKIE I SHEPARD FAIREY I SHERYO I SMITHE and more… Soundtrack: COLOUR HAZE I MY BABY I THE HEAVY MINDS I TORSO I VIDUNDER I WAXOLUTIONISTS I SUCCOPUSS and more…

Hello My Name Is: Sheryo & Yok


Name: Sheryo & Yok
Crew: 3rds / thirds
City/Country: Yok is from Australia, Sheryo is from Singapore, we’re both based in New York now.

When did you start writing?
Y: 2001
S: 2006
What’s graffiti for you?
 Night time pleasures
S: fun time all the time
 South East Asia, temples, god’s ceremonies, costume, weapons, wood carving, masks, pottery, Ramayana, NYC, fast food.
S: Reg Mombassa, South east asia, laying at the beach, plants, temples, masks, cartoons, pizza, folklore, crushing dry leaves
Tell us about your city, how is life and graffiti there?
 Life in Brooklyn is lot’s of fun, we just moved into a new studio in an area that has a lot of bombing and murals, so inspirations is all around us.
S: big city, big hustle, small girl, big walls!!! 
What keeps you still writing?
 I wouldn’t say i was much of a writer, but i keep painting cos it’s fun.
S: Me neither, i just paint my weird characters onto walls because it feels awesome
What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track?
 I was more interested in the character side of the graffiti’s, i grew up watching cartoons and reading mad magazine so i would love to try and paint my own versions on the characters I grew up watching.
S: Some cool boys brought me out painting and i loved it so much. It felt really free. I wasn’t painting as much till i moved to cambodia and met Yok and then moved to NY. When we got together all we wanted to do was paint all day all night together and then go get beers after.
What trends are you seeing now in the graffiti world that you don’t like?
 I love where it’s going people are going bigger and bigger, it’s cool to see artists pushing each other.
S: Leave your twitter instagram hashtags out of your piece dude. its just weird!!!
What do you do when you’re not painting?
S: At the beach, or bugging out over plants in gardens, having a beer or a coconut drink.
Is it important that people see your stuff and you get recognition?
 it helps me to pay some rent and keep on painting.
S: yup. but most importantly, we paint because we love doing it. we’re not into being rich we live simple lives and love what we do and want to keep doing it.
Can you remember the first piece you did?
Yes i painted a 3 headed character at the back of an old factory with AYEM crew, on a stinking hot day, it was lot of fun, my piece was crappy, but i enjoyed using spray paint for the first time.
S: I painted a chicken, i cheated it wasn’t all spray paint, some of it was house paint…
Future plans?
 Keep painting, keep traveling, keep having fun. Trying to do what i love for as long as i can.
S: Have fun all day everyday!!

Tumblr: www.sheryoart.tumblr.com
Tumblr: www.sheryo.tumblr.com
Website: www.theyok.com

Sheryo from Brooklyn New York – Interview

Sheryo_Interview_SprayDaily.com_Graffiti_1 Sheryo_Interview_SprayDaily.com_Graffiti_2Named by Complex Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Street Artists to Watch in 2013”, Sheryo is a Brooklyn based artist originally from Singapore. She has collaborated with fellow artist The Yok on various murals, having spent the last half of 2012 traveling and painting in different cities. We speak to her about her art and transatlantic travels.

FatCap : What inspired your move to Brooklyn ? How did you get started on painting walls all over New York ?
Sheryo : I met The Yok and he suggested I move to Brooklyn, I’d always wanted to live in New York so I just went for it. When I first got there no one knew my work, my first wall was at 5pointz thanks to Meres ! Lois from Streetartnyc saw me painting and took some pictures, and from there I started getting more and more walls.

Read the whole article by Peishan Chen for FatCap here: www.fatcap.com