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Was Fährt #37 – Trrrain Mafiiiaa

Fresh traffic video showing footage of painted subways in Berlin by graffiti writers such as Ruder, Buzz, Rams and more!.

RAMS – Water From The Mountains

RAMS is a graffiti writer from the land of the long white (paint) cloud, aka Aotearoa, aka New Zealand. Featuring highlights from his 2019 graffiti adventures writing ‘STOIC’, we see action in Auckland, and a solo jaunt through Europe – hitting Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, and Rotterdam. Just raw graffiti on trains – flowing like water from the mountains. Always fresher from the source, as nature intended.

“Going through Europe solo was a rollercoaster man, so many highs and lows. Having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want is sick, and meeting a bunch of cool writers on the way was awesome.”

“Stoic is a more recent name I’ve started putting up, which I enjoy writing.”

“Other than Stoic being a unique word with dope letters as a nom de plume, Stoicism is a philosophy that talks a lot about letting go of what you can’t control, amongst other things. In terms of graffiti I try to plan as best I can, and not worry about the things that aren’t in my control, because they will or won’t happen regardless of how I feel about it.” –RAMS


In this sixteenth episode of the RUNNERS series we follow graffiti writer Rams and friends for painting panels in Germany.


RUNNERS As a graffiti train writer you are always happy if you don’t have to run away from your unfinished piece. If your able to catch your piece running the day after so you can get your traffic photos during rush hour you’re even more happy. Our video series called RUNNERS is focused on graffiti on trains and for each episode we will feature actions and traffic videos from a selected writer or team of writers.