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4608 Vandal Week – Phil America

Vandal Week – 4608 lets an individual vandal or crew run the 4808vandalism instagram account for a week.

This week we are honored to have artist and photographer Phil America host week 8. Phil has spent the last 10 years taking pictures of train writers and documenting the situations and surroundings of painting trains around the world. With the release of his second book, entitled Above The Law, he shows us pictures of train actions from the last decade taken in more than 35 different cities.

Next week, December 7 – 13th, he will be in charge of all uploads. Ask questions, give a shoutout or just enjoy his work as he show flics from his past 10 years documenting graffiti on passenger trains at @4608vandalism

Phil America – Above the law [Book]


Above The Law Volume I: Graffiti on Passenger Trains is the definitive book about graffiti on passenger trains. The third book by Phil America, it captures the lives and work of some of the most well-known graffiti artists across the globe. Containing 225 pages of photos taken in metropolitan cities all around the world, Phil America immersed himself into this culture and documented it over the course of ten years. In these never before seen photos, we are taken into a dangerous and private world that most are unable to ever witness: deep into subway tunnels, over fences, under surveillance cameras and behind sensors. Each photograph captures a moment of freedom.

A portion of all sales from “Above the Law Volume I” goes to the Campaign for Youth Justice, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending the practice of trying, sentencing, and incarcerating children under age 18 in the adult justice system. Find the book over here: Noflags.com/phil-america-above-the-law-book

Freedumb – 1 Exhibition, 2 Weeks, 3 Cities

Phil-America_Graffiti_Spraydaily_01 Phil-America_Graffiti_Spraydaily_02Applying paint on public transport without permission is a senseless occupation: It’s dangerous, illegal and often disliked. At the end of one’s career there is no big prize, no glory, no golden watch. So what motivates these artists to follow their passion?
Freedumb is not trying to give an answer to anything. It is a discovery, a trip into the unknown, a documentation, without a pre-casted opinion. Like the graffiti on public transport, it just is. The photos from prominent artists Taps & Moses, Utah & Ether and Phil America simply show you what’s happening in the painter world underneath you. They just are, and they will be, whether you love it, hate it or don’t care.
Freedumb alludes to the typical, dark Grifters humor. The search for freedom is a central theme in the world of graffiti.
The proceeds of the show will go entirely to support The Grifters that are currently dealing with legal issues.

Sept 4 / ZÜRICH (Switzerland)
Sept 4-6 – SOFIA (Bulgaria)
Sept 12 / PARIS (France)


RELEASE Incognito Magazine #13

Incognito Issue 13

Time flies, and we are here once again bringing you Incognito volume 13.

In this day and age when Internet graff is the main forum for viewing graff flix, you often hear people say that there is no need for magazines since everything has already been shown online.
– Well, if you think that every fresh nugget was already published online, you need to think again!
In Incognito #13 we have some pretty jam-packed sections of bombing, walls and trains featuring new school burners, drippy silver tags and unpublished burners on the rolling steel among much more. In the interview section have the Finnish style legend –  EGS, who is showing a big bunch of his recent heaters. Then, we have noticed the name GBR popping up in our face with classy train pieces for a while now and thought it was time to get some words and images from the boys. As a bonus we also have the American photographer Phil America, who did a special photo essay for incognito. Summing it up, we think it would have been quite impossible to squeeze in more eye candy than this on these 48 pages and hope you will agree with that!