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Podcast #017 – Planet256 (German Language)

In addition to the 5Minutes episode with Planet256 from the OBS crew, they talked a little more intensively with the Berlin graffiti writer for this podcast. Of course they talk about the good old days, power of style, influences, Alf, Beat Street, style writing, social media, blindfolded skits and much more.

The conversation actually took a little more than three hours because Planet is a really interesting conversation partner with whom you can quickly talk about one of the endless and relevant topics. Which was really fun. A third of it ended up in the podcast, with another exciting insight into the world of the Planet256.


This episode we feature the German graffiti writer Nomad, who is killing it with a mega burner! We also would like to thank our friends at Mad Colors for supporting us on this series.

GRAFF TV is a series of graffiti videos capturing the style and techniques of some of the best and most interesting writers around the world. From simple new school styles to futuristic 3D-burners or playful naive pieces. Follow the process from sketch to finished piece, all cut down and compressed to three minutes episodes.