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MU #Viralvandals

In forty years, graffiti has grown from a local New York subculture into a worldwide phenomenon with its own heroes and business models. Embraced as urban decoration or buffed by all means, graffiti has escaped a slow death, mainly thanks to the internet. Actions in the real world are increasingly carried out and documented with their digital distribution in mind, leading to refreshing self-reflection and an emphasis on the performative nature of writing.

Don’t tell the taggers, but graffiti has evolved into a mature, varied artform that doesn’t shy away from difficult themes and that combines resistance against repression with a contagious hacker mentality. Meanwhile, the kick of illegality continues to be an important motivation, inextricably linked to kudos and street credibility.??

With #ViralVandals MU presents an exhibition about the second life of graffiti. Going virtually viral will replace the street in the quest for even greater visibility. New forms of expression emerge and the DNA of the scene changes irreversibly. A monument to the international, online graffiti community—young creators and global icons—in Eindhoven.

4608 & Fabian Sigurd, Boyscout, Brad Downey, Eewan, Good Guy Boris, Loiq, Mobstr, MOSES&TAPS™, MVIN, Nawas, Nug & Pike, Rage, Sauli Sirviö, TOY Crew, Utah & Ether, Veli & Amos, Zelle Asphaltkultur
Co-curators: Jasper van Es & Good Guy Boris

Great selection of limited edition prints!

SD-lfg-prints Our friends at www.lefixgallery.com updated their online shop with some new fresh prints. There is lots of screen prints available online but mostly street art stuff so we are happy to see some top graffiti names online now as well. Check out prints by Kaos [VIMOA], Uzi [WUFC], Tomcat19 [9 LIVES], Rens [TAV], Nug [VIMOA], Aman [VIMOA], SABE [FYS], Dmote, Mode2, Egs and more! We also find some nice photos by CphCph. They are shipping worldwide so what are you waiting for! www.lefixgallery.com SD-cphcph

NUG limited edition prints available at Lefixgallery.com

nug-SD-flyer Le Fix Gallery in Copenhagen just released some limited edition prints and artworks by NUG on their site. Some really fresh prints in editions of only 10 pieces and also a few copies of a limited edition of the book “NUG I am just trying to be nice”, signed and numbered by the artist. They are shipping worldwide so go check their site out: www.lefixgallery.com. nug prints spraydaily  

NUG – I am just trying to be nice [EXHIBITION]

NUG-I am just trying to be nice_Graffiti_Spraydaily_Lefixgallery_VIM Le Fix Gallery proudly presents NUG first solo show in Denmark. Opening Thursday the 18th of February from 18:00 – 20:00. Bring your friends and swing by for fresh art and cold beers! NUG is a Swedish artist and graffiti writer active since the late eighties and he graduated from Konstfack in 2008. The show “I am just trying to be nice” emanates from his book with the same title and gives us a glimpse into NUG’s voluminous practice. From large abstract spags to, traditional graffiti lettering and controversial video and photography works and sound collages. The exhibition shows a selection of new and old works and also includes the last 50 copies of the book. The book covers will be hand painted by the artist just like the 50 first copies was at the release three years ago. The exhibition ends April 2, 2016. WWW.LEFIXGALLERY.COM

Twilight Crusaders (artist’s cut)

30 minutes edit on personal preference from a 3 hour VHS movie called ‘Twilight Crusaders’. Dutch graffiti benching from 1993-1996.