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Podcast #016 – Golden Hands Gallery Hamburg (German language)

Why talk to a gallery owner? Quite simply because there are now a lot of graffiti writers who are already exhibiting with their work or are planning to do so at some point. But what do you show in an exhibition? Is graffiti from the street and train yards simply transferable to the white cube? We talked about this and much more with Christoph Tornow in his Golden Hands gallery in Hamburg Mitte.

Christoph has had art in public space for many years – he always uses a wide variety that the genre offers. The genre is often not really defined, or can be. This art form is sometimes just too young for that. Exhibitions with artists such as Finsta, Mode2, Mason, Felipe Pantone, Moses & Taps or Rage include not only illustrative and conceptual works, but also classic paintings, sculptures and installations.

Podcast Number 16 from I Love Graffiti is about exactly this variety, background and motives of curation in a gallery and what chances you can actually have in the art market if you retire from the street to a studio as a graffiti writer. Of course Christoph is one of many gallery owners in Germany and Europe, but he makes it relatively clear exactly what it is all about if you take this step. An exciting glimpse behind the scenes of a gallery that has been dealing with graffiti art for many years.

The Rise of Graffiti Writing – Dortmund, Berlin & Frankfurt (english subtitles)

Films like “Wild Style” by Charlie Ahearn (1982), “Style Wars” (1984) by Henry Chalfant or “Beat Street” (1984) by Harry Belafonte cause a breakdance wave in Germany and a short time later the general enthusiasm breaks down for graffiti. So also in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin. The sprayers of the first generation tell.

When films like WILD STYLE (1982) by Charlie Ahearn, STYLE WARS (1984) by Henry Chalfant or BEAT STREET (1984) by Harry Belafonte were shown in Germany, a break dance wave broke out and a short time later the first big graffiti wave broke out. So also in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin. For this episode, we met with first-generation sprays to learn how this wave continued into the late eighties and what influences played a big role in it. In Dortmund we met Marianne Brentzel, an author who published the first graffiti book in Germany in 1987 “Da Kukse Wa”. With pictures and texts from the Ruhr area in the early eighties.

Braindead Dvd

45 minutes of blasting burners in Stockholm (mostly). Check it out for panels and whole-cars from writers such as Moss, Sale, Tre, Munk, Hill and many more!