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Wolume 3 – A Vandal’s Way of Life

Finally it’s here, the third graffiti video in the Wolume series. The Wolume 3 video was filmed in Stockholm mostly from the period of 2016—2018 and the main focus is on the crews WOL, JNR and BRO. But also follows other graffiti crews and writers around Stockholm. The focus is on train writing and to capture the atmosphere around the subways and commuters. Here you can also find the previous graffiti video Wolume 2.

Braindead Dvd

45 minutes of blasting burners in Stockholm (mostly). Check it out for panels and whole-cars from writers such as Moss, Sale, Tre, Munk, Hill and many more!

RUNNERS 04 – Kris & Alex

As a graffiti train writer you are always happy if you don’t have to run away from your unfinished piece. If your able to catch your piece running the day after so you can get your traffic photos during rush hour you’re even more happy. Our video series called RUNNERS is focused on graffiti on trains and for each episode we will feature actions and traffic videos from a selected writer or team of writers. In this fourth episode we feature Kris and Alex who take us through the Stockholm winter for 2 subway actions.

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