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5Minutes With: Heis (Hamburg)

Ilovegraffiti visited graffiti writer Heis from the JUKEBOX COWBOYS in his home town of Hamburg to look over his shoulder while painting on a wall in St. Pauli and to hear why graffiti has always been more than just a hobby for him. The graffiti culture in Hamburg has strongly influenced Heis’s development as a graffiti artist and stylewriter.

Mostradamus – Montana Black Artist Edition 16 By Most

The 16th edition of the Montana BLACK Artist Can series is out now! And this time we feature the iconic Hamburg style master, Most. Originating from the Ruhrgebiet in Western Germany, Most has been pushing the graffiti envelope since the 1990’s. As a founding member of the JBCB crew and an all-round prolific contributor to graffiti culture, we are proud to announce a facelift for the much loved Montana Black color, Nostradamus BLK 7230. Or as we should call it now, MOSTradamus.