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Trailer – Style Wars Blu-ray Release

Style Wars on Blu-ray. Available November 4th, 2014.
Featuring a brand new HD transfer from the original 16mm print. Over 70 minutes of never before seen extras including: -The Outtakes and The B-Boy Showcase, made from unreleased footage, remastered with the help of donations from Kickstarter, also in HD. -Style Wars: In The Cutting Room, a behind the scene look at the making of the film during the final stages of the editing process.

Iz The Wiz – King of New York

New movie about the old school graffiti legend Iz The Wiz will be out in 2014! It will look at Iz The Wiz, and his influence he had to millions of graffiti writers, artists and like minded individuals worldwide by painting on the New York City subway from 1972 till 2009. His relationship he had with his chosen art form, from his conception into this genre, all the way to the day he pasted. Support the project through Kickstarter