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Over Rails 2 – PT1

Great new video featuring ILS Crew and their friends traveling and painting, check it out!


Caribes – Episode 2

The metro system of Buenos Aires is the oldest in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries in general. As there are moments where conditions are more favorable than others in every city in the world . The socio- political situation was going through Buenos Aires made ​​this possible . The “Golden Age” as we have called it, was a period where mushroomed graffiti on the cars of the Buenos Aires system abruptly.

2 minute bonus material from graffiti video Over Rails showing some action in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Versus project has once again fallen into Argentinian hands. While visiting Barcelona, Neoks took the challenge of pairing with one color only and his choice was Violeta Princesa. Size and devotion are the tools which this Argentinian writer uses to show us what he can do through his quite personal and peculiar style.


Graffiti video Over Rails is finally out, filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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