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Damagers – DVD Trailer

Trailer for Berlin Underground Subway Graffiti DVD “damagers” in FULL HD – Release Date: early December. A dark atmospheric film about the hard core of the Berlin Subway Train Writer elite. Featuring: Akor, Abis, Azur, Blok, Buzz, Ham, Motorcycle, Mack10, Reak, Shus, Sok, Shade, Six, Trus, Tin, Electrical, Tron Tour, Wine

Damagers Berlin – DVD preview


This graffiti movie seems to be awesome! The end of 2013 another interesting DVD comes on trainwriting from the capital. The film ‘damagers’ promises a lot of atmosphere from the Berlin tunnel systems and 60 minutes running time (English and Spanish subtitles) with Akor, Abis, Azure, Blok, Buzz, Ham, motorcycle, Mack10, reaction, Shu, Sok, Shade, Six, Trus , Tin, Trik, Tron, Tour and Wine. The trailer follows in the next few weeks, some first preview pictures below. Pictures found over here