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Stains Magazine 8 (OUT NOW)

Stains Magazine is your spyhole into Swedish graffiti. As always, issue #8 consists of numerous freight trains, walls, spraycations, mixed Swedish trains as well as subway and commuter trains from Stockholm – all bound up with Stains’ unmistakable cover, this time characterized by Waffle.


Among its 84 pages, there are four special features: Guldvittring offers us a photo special, Gyan [MOFO 47K] shows off various panels, freight trains and live pictures, Rena [SG RYG] exhibits a piece by his pieces – and as if that were not enough, Moss [FUPS BFF FOR RNA] literally bombs us with panels. A must in your collection!

Andra Sidan Spåret – Opiat & Scuba (Swedish Language)

New episode from the Swedish podcast Andra Sidan Spåret (Wrong Side Of The Track). long-awaited episode from the west coast’s perhaps most talked-about crew F-UPS. Since last year we have planned for this and finally we were able to get to a sit down with graffiti writers Opiat & Scuba.

We go through everything from how Gothenburg’s graffiti scene has evolved over the years, to the downpipes tags from Scuba and PPXE that you could see from the early to mid 2000s around Stockholm, Sweden.

Braindead Dvd

45 minutes of blasting burners in Stockholm (mostly). Check it out for panels and whole-cars from writers such as Moss, Sale, Tre, Munk, Hill and many more!

Graffiti Video – Braindead 5

Fresh 20 minute video with actions on the Stockholm subway, commuter and more. Featuring graffiti writers such as Moss, Triss, Gnuk, Oido, Ior, Screw and more! Watch the earlier Braindead videos here: 2, 3 & 4