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Never Grow Up -The Graffiti Series (EP 3)

New episode of the online series Never Grow Up. Nice mix of old and new footage, including metro actions and tracksides but also street impressions, underlined by smooth instrumentals. While physical stop overs to Berlin might not be possible currently, at least you can pay a digital visit to one of the liveliest european capitals now.

Never Grow Up – The Graffiti Series (EP 2)

Never Grow up is a Graffiti online series, focusing mainly on writers from Berlin. Later down the line they will team up with their associates in various parts of the world. The producer’s view is that Graffiti does not just exist on legal walls or on trains. Graffiti is almost everywhere, whether on rooftops, highways, in tunnels or even just a random marker tag in some street. It all has its significance. But most importantly: You’re never too old for it, so “Never Grow Up!”

Never Grow Up – The Graffiti Series (Episode 1)

Never Grow Up is a new Graffiti online series, which focuses mainly on writers from Berlin. Later down the road they will also travel and meet partners in crime from around the globe. What is important to the producers, graffiti is not only happening on a legal wall, just as it is not only on trains. Graffiti happens almost anywhere, whether on roofs, highways, in a tunnel or just a simple silver marker tag on the streets. Everything exists and must get its place. But most importantly: You’re never too old for it, so „never grow up!“

Metroidz Trailer

Metroidz is a unique Berlin graffiti group show held at Urban Spree Galerie based on a hand painted screen print exercise. Original Drawing by Niklos, screen printed by Dolly Demoratti at Mother Drucker’s Urban Spree studios.
Hand-painted artworks featuring: Fach, Trik, Spirit, Roza, 1UP, Poet, Fino, Quis, Tour, Shade, Bas2, Chika, Igid, Inka, Leroy, Roger, Pesd, Eshok, Stereo & Tin

Vernissage; Saturday, February 28th, 2015
Urban Spree Galerie, Warschauer x Revaler Str, Berlin, 19 PM