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Teaser – Traffic Kommando

10 Minute teaser featuring HACF, VRS, TBR, TLS, CVA and many more, for the soon to be released graffiti dvd Traffic Cartel. These 10 minutes are previously unreleased exclusive footage which you won’t find on the coming DVD.

Freshly Painted 3

The “Freshly Painted” series is the first American graffiti movie released intentionally for free to the YouTube viewing public. “Freshly Painted” is your chance to take a glimpse into the lives and activities of real, ground level American writers using Fresh Paint and a variety of other brands.

Me [My Name And I] – Episode 1.0 Aprisparty

For the first episode, it goes to Hamburg where we meet a writer whose name stands for his program.


We are happy to release the first issue of our video-zine BLURRED FACES, 20 minutes of trains and subways featuring a mix of cities and writers.
The first video features HM, GBR, FAME, END and THE crew. Enjoy!
And share if you like!

BLURRED FACES The face is crucial for human identity. We use our face to express our feelings, communicate and identify each other. The first impression of a person we meet is often based of their looks. By blurring a persons face he/she will be unreachable and non-identifiable. Focus will move from the person to his or hers actions. BLURRED FACES is a video-zine by SPRAY DAILY™ featuring anonymous faceless artists writing their pseudonyms on trains and subways around the world.