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“I don’t remember when I first saw the Dart train but it was in my teens. I was drawn to the trains olive green tones and classic design, on top of that, it bore my name. Through friends and third party information I had heard of negative experiences leading to arrests and failed missions, but this didn’t deter me from my dream. The time came when I was invited to a three day seminar in Dublin. Between dinners and lectures, I scouted for my goal. On the last night the opportunity arose, I snuck away from dinner before the closing party began, a few bus changes later I was standing in a park. The park itself was dark, but in front of me the glow of the moon and orange railway lights lit up the train. I had time to complete the painting and head to the party without anyone noticing my absence. The feeling was incredible, an accomplished solo mission, the outcome was a dream come true.”


The Fourth issue of our video-zine BLURRED FACES. Subways and trains from Hamburg, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Athens, Madrid and more.

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The face is crucial for human identity. We use our face to express our feelings, communicate and identify each other. The first impression of a person we meet is often based of their looks. By blurring a persons face he/she will be unreachable and non-identifiable. Focus will move from the person to his or hers actions. BLURRED FACES is a video-zine by SPRAY DAILY™ featuring anonymous faceless artists writing their pseudonyms on trains and subways around the world.